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InSITE--Why Labor Day?

Do you know what Labor Day is really all about? Like so many holidays, the meaning gets lost in the celebration. Labor Day for most of us is the last blast of summer, but there's more to it, isn't there? Like so many other holidays. Memorial Day. Did you go to a memorial? Or a picnic? Veterans Day? Thank any veterans? So why would you work on Labor Day? The answer, of course, is you wouldn't work. But you should at least remember, or throw another hot dog on the grill for the people who really did sacrifice for that day off. Which is why we start at the Department of Labor. They have a history page on the holiday, two versions, but they agree it started around New York City around 120 years ago, when skilled workers wanted to draw attention to their problems.

For a little more detail, check out a strange place, the US Embassy page in Stockholm, Sweden. They have more detail on the start, and the conditions that they were worried about. Long on information but short on fun.

So i found another page, a little busy, and you'll probably want to turn down the tunes after a few seconds. This one caters to the kids, with ways you might explain Labor Day to yours, or your class if you're a teacher. Here's a reminder, school is a kids job, so the site has some ways of explaining that to your kids. You go to work, they go to school. Scrolling down, there's a word puzzle to find different jobs, and a long list of links and resources. A warning here. Many of the links are dead, so keep clicking.

Now, for some fun. Labor day shouldn't be all work, it's about getting a day off, right? So plan your picnic menu with things that will go great on the grill. From several choices of ribs, including nutritional information and specific instructions, to something called "brew & barbecue" combining the all time favorites, pork and beer.

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