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InSITE--Get Rid of Vacation Guilt!

Summer vacation season's almost over, did you bring anything home from your travels, something you weren't supposed to bring home? Like a hotel towel? It's almost a tradition, and sort of a joke for the folks at Holiday Inn. They have billions of those towels with the green script lettering, and they've lost millions more to visitors who wound up packing them by accident (riiight!) or just flat taking them.

So this week Holiday Inn is willing to forgive and forget. They've set up a web site for towel amnesty. Tell your stolen towel story, confession is good for the soul! Even better, for each towel confession, they'll donate $1 to "Give Kids the World." It's a children's charity that helps pay for vacations to Orlando area theme parks for children with life threatening illnesses.

One more thing.  Holiday Inn really doesn't want the towel back!


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