Coming up on THE News: Witness goes missing

Here are stories WTOC is working on: A witness has gone missing in the trial of Justin Redinburg. He's accused of the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Marcus Allen. Christy Hutchings is at the courthouse and will have an update.

Tim Guidera was at one of the two motorcycle checkpoints that is being conducted Wednesday. He'll have more details.

Stevie Aiken's future now rests in the hands of a jury. He faces felony charges including assault and battery with intent to kill, burglary in the first degree, armed robbery and kidnapping as a result of a break-in at 78-year-old Margaret Gooding's home. Lowcountry reporter Jaime Dailey will have the latest.

Operation Homefront is holding Cabin Fever for military wives. Check out WTOC's Hinesville In Your Community page for more details.

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The WTOC News Team