Grand Marshal visits Garden City Elementary

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - Those who were at Garden City Elementary on Wednesday would have thought St. Patrick's Day was already here.

The bagpipes were playing. This year's Savannah Grand Marshal Walter Crawford was at the front of the line leading his way into classrooms.

Crawford is longtime friends with the school's principal and promised that if he was elected he would talk to students there. Crawford's daughter also teaches at the school.

"Everyone's been real excited from the moment we found out he was elected. All my colleagues and students excited for me, my family, [and have] lots of questions. It's like having something happen to someone you know, one of your own, having something huge happen to them," said Jennifer Crawford.

"It was great. I tell you, it was overwhelming, and the response I got from all the students here at Garden City Elementary was great. They asked me lots of questions and only stumped me on a couple of them. Most of them I was able to answer," said Walter Crawford.

One of the questions that stumped Crawford was whether or not he can see leprechauns.

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