Isle of Hope Celebrates Pie Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Area schools are celebrating March 14 by honoring the mathematical constant Pi, 3.14.

Pi symbols lined the hallways at Blessed Sacarment and students rotated through various work stations where they learned about Pi and enjoyed pie desserts.

The highlight at Blessed Sacrament was a math competition in the gym that included students from several other Savannah Catholic Schools.

Students at Isle of Hope put got to pie the principal, Ms. Gannam, the assistant principal, Ms. Jenkins, and several others. Several students also dressed up as a famous figure whose birthday is March 14.

"Isle of Hope is raising money to buy some graphing calculators for our new middle school - and for some of the older grades they're having a Pi day. Today is Albert Einstein's birthday - and we're celebrating the number Pi - 3.14159 that goes on and on indefinitely. And at this point, the kids are buying tickets to put a pie in the face of some of their favorite teachers and some celebrities - such as Sonny Dixon," said Isle of Hope Elementary PTA President Kasie Smith.

Pi Day was created in 1989 in San Francisco and two years ago earned designation from Congress.