Police seek victims in tax return fraud case

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - The Beaufort Police are investigating a fraud case involving two suspects who prepared taxes. Police say that 27-year-old Hassan Goodman and 24-year-old Daniela Beckett of Beaufort were telling their tax victims that their refunds were lower than they actually were and then took the difference.

On Tuesday March 15, investigators searched Goodman and Beckett's home and along with the evidence of fraud they found four pounds of marijuana and 25 grams of cocaine.

They have been charged with financial identification fraud, trafficking cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and distributing a controlled substance in proximaty to a school.

Investigators are trying to contact other potential victims. Anyone who had their taces prepared by the two suspects is asked to contact Investigator Erdel at 912.322.7958 or the dispatch office at 912.524.2777.

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