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Daimler Chrysler Announces a Major Investment

Daimler-Chrysler's ready to spend more than 300 million dollars on a van plant. The only problem, the plant's in Germany. Tuesday the company announced plans for a new body and paint shop near Berlin. Now many are asking is that the money they were going to use to build a new plant in Pooler? The site for the proposed plant has been cleared and is still being prepared for construction. But just last month, the company announced that they have put those plans on hold.  Georgia leaders have given them until December 31st, 2003 to make a decision.  That plus the announcement have left many skeptical about the company's intentions in Chatham County.

"I didn't read a lot into it. I try to take those things as face value until i find out what it means if it means anything," said Pooler's Mayor Buddy Carter. 

According to Daimler's web site, the faculties are due to be complete by August 2004, a similar time frame to the proposed plant in Pooler.  "I take it as being some what omnious...that it would be the same time...then again stranger things have happened," said Mayor Carter.

If Daimler-Chrysler doesn't adhere to the state's ultimatum to give them a decision by year's end...the Chatham County site will be fair game. "Obviously as time goes on my hope diminishes somewhat," explained Mayor Carter.

But Pooler's Mayor feels the state of Georgia has kept their promise to Daimler Chrysler by keeping up land preparations even after Daimler delayed their decision in July.  He says nterest in the monster sized piece of land has sky rocked since then. "We just need to stay focused on what we're doing. We need to have the site prepared, have it to showcase it to ares and manufacturers interested in locating here."

Mayor Carter told WTOC that he feels the real victory for the Coastal Empire came when the state of Georgia invested in developing the site. He feels it's a perfect match for the Daimler Chrysler van plant.  He and state development leaders will be keeping a close eye to see exactly what the investment in the German plant mean for Pooler.  

Reported by: Holly Bristow   hbristow@wtoc.com


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