Editorial feedback - 3/14/11

Mr Cathcart routinely uses misleading information to make his case. The March 14 th commentary  for example, he states that America has enough "combined resources" to allow us to be energy independent for 90 years if we are just allowed to "drill". This distortion of facts implies that we have enough "oil" specifically. If he had bothered to listen to President Obama's Energy speech last week, he would have learned that oil production is at an "all time high" in the Gulf…that Obama has pushed Companies to explore drilling on their existing leases and quit "sitting on them"…that we "DO NOT HAVE A SHORTAGE OF OIL IN THIS COUNTRY"…that the rise in gas prices is the result of speculators in the commodities market…yet Bill tries to make political capital by blaming Obama Mr Cathcart is correct re an abundance of Natural gas and coal, but quite deceiving re oil…which is 2% of the world's remaining reserves. Now, we can simply build more coal fired plants and be fine; except for that problem of Global Warming…something that Bill doesn't believe in. His Rush Limbaugh fed viewpoints are usually wrapped in a patriotic ribbon for further effect satisfying his brothers on the right. His commentaries simply do not belong on mainstream television

Finally, I think it is wrong for WTOC to continue to allow such an extreme Right Wing view to be aired without any challenge to the veracity or truthfulness. My friends and I have learned to simply hit the "mute" button when we see his face.

Ron Buskirk
Savannah, Ga.