InSITE--Watching the 'Web to See Who's Watching You in Traffic!

It's the hottest topic in Savannah traffic these days, the cameras designed to catch you if you run a red light. The first set is just about ready to go at Abercorn and White Bluff. But they're already up and running on the 'Web. From where the cameras come from, where they go, and even about how people fight the tickets.

Start with the system, from Redflex, a company that boasts of making cameras that watch us all over the world. Mostly when we're driving, to make sure we're driving safely. Or at least following the rules. Their cameras can watch intersections for people who run red lights, or even connect to a radar gun and catch speeders. So far, all our cameras will do is watch the red lights.

The City of Fremont, in California's already using several Redflex camera systems, and they're quite proud of them. They name all the intersections, so you can't say they didn't warn you.

They even post a sample of the ticket you'll get and the evidence against you if you still don't get it. It's also a good visual on how the cameras work. The first photo at the top shows the light turning red. and the white station wagon still behind the line. The second picture shows the wagon going through the red light, breaking the law. The third picture is from another camera, across the intersection, showing the driver's face, they do that in Fremont. The fourth picture, your tag, for the record. As you can see, it's pretty complicated.

One last site, Photocop. Depending on how you read it, either they love law enforcement and back the cameras, or they're trying to help you get around the cameras. For some reason, Photocop is a very slow site, you won't speed through this one. Just the introductory page has dozens of links to traffic studies, camera manufacturers, and groups lining up on both sides of the traffic camera issue.