Top Teacher: Helen Brown

By Jennifer Serda - email | bio

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Self-esteem and a top rate education go hand and hand for WTOC Top Teacher Helen Brown. Ms. Brown started her career in education in 1978 and thanks to positive role models knew early on she wanted to be a teacher.

"I started out in elementary wanting to be a nurse and think I was influenced in 5th grade by my 5th grade teacher but my greatest influence was my mom who ran a daycare," said Brown.

In 1985 she began teaching at Beaufort Elementary School where she currently teachers third grade English Language Arts; different this year Ms. Brown is team teaching by splitting up Math, Science and English.

"I see the benefit when they come in they know this is all Language Arts they dont have to worry about any type of math but they know after lunch then they switch into math mode," she said.

Although her class format has changed her method has remained the same, build-up a students self confidence and the knowledge will follow.

"I think you have to build up a childs self-esteem get their self-esteem going and then they will get into their books and know what they really need to do. Encourage them and let them know that what you are capable of doing and my expectations of them," Brown told WTOC.

For having high expectations for each of her students and letting them know how special they are, Helen Brown is a WTOC Top Teacher.

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