Skimmer device discovered on ATM

Skimmer device (Source: SCMPD)
Skimmer device (Source: SCMPD)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Those who may have used an ATM at SunTrust Bank at Jefferson and St. Julian streets need to check their accounts for inappropriate charges, according to Savannah-Chatham Metro Police.

A customer told police that he had discovered a skimmer device attached to the ATM on Thursday afternoon that is used to record bank card numbers and PIN numbers.

The device on the SunTrust ATM recorded the information off the magnetic strip and stored it for retrieval later, according to SCMPD. Police said they recovered the device before any information was provided, but they warn customers who used the ATM to check with their banks.

Sgt. Keith Edwards, director of the SCMPD Financial Crimes Division, said in a statement that skimmers can be attached to the machines by recording the card number, reading the card's magnetic strips and transmitting the data to thieves who then have access to the customers' accounts.

Edwards said SunTrust's corporate security told him that similar devices have been found on ATMs in Tennessee, according to police.

Customers who used the ATM before early March 17, should check their accounts to determine if there are charges unclear to them. If any are found, they should contact their bank immediately and call the Financial Crimes Division at 912.651.6735.

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