Osteen Road fire flares up again

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - A brush fire flared up again on Osteen Road Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday more than 11 agencies responded to the area around 3 p.m. when more than 50 acres were burned.

Bloomingdale Fire Chief Ferman Tyler says that the large fire was most likely started by smaller fire which got out of control. Georgia Forestry cited Wanda Wise for failure to prevent escape of fire.

WTOC spoke with Wise and she said she was burning some garbage in her back yard in a hole near Osteen Road when the wind took some sparks. She said she tried to put out the fire with some water and then tried to use her hose which could not reach the flames. She told WTOC she called the fire department and her neighbor came over to help, but the fire spread too quickly. Wise is expected to appear in court on June 15.

Bloomingdale Fire says all they can do is just let it burn out. It is expected to burn for at least three more days.

"What we're doing is letting it burn up to the road and letting the road use it as a natural fire break and we're letting it burn up to it so we can stop it from future burning," said Fire Chief Tyler.

Georgia Forestry says Wise will be responsible for all the damaged property.

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