Community Spirit--The Landings Volunteers

For 20 years, Habitat for Humanity has helped to make folks' lives better. There is a long list of people who never thought they'd be able to buy a house, but today are proud homeowners. We all know volunteers are the backbone of the program. People from all walks of life come together in the spirit of love. Many work harder than they've ever worked before all in the name of helping perfect strangers.

Frank House has been volunteering for the last 12 years. "I think it's great doing things for others and having fun with the fellas," he said.

"The fellas" are the Landings volunteers and number close to 50, all retirees living at the Landings. Every week you can find them giving their all to help low-income families. Frank believes they've built at least 60 houses through the years. To this day, they are just as excited as they first time they stepped foot on a site and realized the impact of what they were doing.

"It almost brings tears to your eyes some of them appreciate it so much just great to see them get a place of their own," said Frank.

Habitat is equally grateful. Director Diane Cantor said, "We wouldn't get nearly as many houses built without them. They get sick of hearing us say this, but we used to say if you have a problem, don't call 911 call 598 because they've been such a source of help for us."

Quite a few have been answering that call for more ten years. In fact, the Landings volunteers have donated most continuous hours in the history of the program.That's just one of the reasons Habitat honored them as Volunteers of the Year.

"Certainly it's very hard work and a lot of it's hot," said Cantor. "It really shows if anyone underestimates seniors they need to see what a motivated group of senior citizens can do in a community."

That's how the Landings volunteers capture the WTOC Community Spirit.

You can find them doing their part on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Remember Habitat can always use more volunteers. If you're interested, give them a call at 912.353.8122.

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