Chatham Co. District Attorney's Office releases annual report

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Chatham County District Attorney's Office on Tuesday released its 2010 annual report.

According to the office, the report details:
--More than 13,000 cases were received and processed in the various court divisions
--95 percent Felony Conviction Rate by the Superior Court Division, after trial
--Child Support Division collected nearly $30 million for families and children
--State Court Division processed more than 1,222 drunken driving cases
--Victim-Witness Assistance Program assisted in obtaining more than $800,000 in financial compensation for crime victims
--Early Intervention Program increased jail cost savings to more than $2.6 million
--Bilingual Victim Advocate served 300 victims and witnesses
--Truancy Intervention Case Manager provided assistance to 41 families

District Attorney Larry Chisholm said in a statement that they have had major gains and improved operational efficiencies and that they're able to keep public safety and enforcement of justice their top priorities.

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