InSITE--It's A Parent's Place on the Internet!

If you're a parent, you're probably always looking. Looking for tips to make life easier, keep your kids amused, or keep them on the road to success in school. If you can find the time to sit down at the computer, the Linkup for Parents is the place to surf.

I like this site for lots of reasons. It's a good mix of original content and links to other sites. Let's start with the links to take you away. Some commercial about decorating, others parenting support sites like and Women's Net. Then check the left hand menu. It's pretty self-explanatory,

Starting with an article on stress, this time focusing on college students, but we can all learn a lesson here.

Next up, keeping up with what happens in your child's school.

There's an entire page of information and links about the next holiday to plan for, in this case, Halloween. Note the commercial links along the side, sites with costumes on the left, and on the right, links to all the holidays of the year if you're really working ahead.

I know you will use this one. The homework page. The article is how to cope and how to help. Along the right, again, sticking with the same format, links to sites with info about subject material you might need.

If your kids can teach you about the Internet, there's a page with some things to think about when it comes to your life on line, especially software and spyware. I could keep clicking and talking, but it's really better if you do a little looking on your own and check out the articles most appropriate for you and your family.