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InSITE--Pretty, Creepy Pictures & Stories on the 'Web!

I'll admit, this is a bit strange. The site is "Abandoned Places." It is a strange design that will take you a minute to navigate, and might be a little creepy for some people used to bright, shiny new web sites, or history polished to a fine, gleaming glow. It's a very personal site about one man's very bizarre hobby.

What if you're a pilot for a major European airline, get laid off, and a lot of free time? You buy a nice used camera and look for buildings, BIG buildings, nobody uses anymore. Like a sanitarium. Or a castle that's served people in very different ways, literally, for centuries. Then you carefully wander around the rotting floors and moldy walls and take pictures. Sometimes very strange, but also sometimes beautiful pictures. Something this guy does very well. One other thing he does well, is write. Telling the stories of the sites he visits. Some, like this visit to a tunnel under the castle turn into little mysteries, about who dug it, where it goes, and who used it to escape to the countryside. Most of the places are abandoned, but one was very much alive and very interesting. He went to Cuba, where people still live in buildings they can't afford to take care of, and still, can't afford to tear down. They make for more compelling images. So if you're a photography fan, or looking for something a little different, even if a little creepy, check out Abandoned Places.

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