Making young people's dreams a little easier to come by

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There was a big party celebrating a grand achievement Thursday at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

Students, faculty, and other individuals kicked off The Three Days for Armstrong with a bang by topping last year's fundraising mark by setting a record.

Over $700,000 was presented by The Business and Alumni of Armstrong Atlantic State University.

"I mean wow, that's quite a figure. We're real proud of that and we're going to celebrate tonight," said Ray Gaster, program coordinator of 3 Days of AASU.

"Students need help these days. So a lot of the dollars that are raised will go towards scholarships for needy students," said Linda Bleicken, President of AASU. "Ultimately the dollars that are invested here come back in, in the form of great employees."

This is just the kick off for the Three Days of Armstrong, with plenty more opportunities to donate.

If you'd like to contribute, please contact Suzanne Ansley, annual fund coordinator, at 912.344.2870