Sailors Reflect on 9/11

Just a few months ago, men and women from Naval Hospital Beaufort were serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now  they're reflecting on their experience. On this second anniversary of the September 11 attacks, their sense of patriotism only seems to be getting stronger.

"The feeling is different, I think they're more intense," said Capt. Jim Hoffower.

These brave men and women at Naval Hospital Beaufort may not have been in New York or in Washington DC on the day of the attacks, but the tragedy certainly hits home. For many of them, this is an emotional day that brings back memories of their part in the war on terrorism, a war that took them to a fleet hospital in the Iraqi desert for three months.

"It means more than last year because I saw what we were out there for," noted HM2 Michelle Louck.

"It's more significant now being a part of it, probably something I'll remember the rest of my life," added HM2 Michael Barker.

"It's important to realize that they went and were able to support the country in its efforts on the war on terrorism and it's important to know that we have them back here safe on 9/11," said Capt. Hoffower.

Sixty sailors from the naval hospital deployed to the Middle East and all of them are now back home.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,