Attendees React to Presidential Visit

Thousands of troops, members of their families, and folks from the community packed Trent Field to hear the President speak this morning. WTOC spoke with some of those people, and it's a day they'll never forget. While adults listened closely to what the President had to say, children simply wanted to see who their parents' boss was.

Nine-year-old Christina Tanoria waited all morning to see what she calls her first famous person in real life. "He's so cool," she said. "I think it's interesting being president."

Christina's family's reasons to see the commander-in-chief, however, are a bit different. Her mother Michelle, a military spouse, said, "It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we brought the kids to show them an experience they might never see in their lifetime."

It was an experience thousands of others will never forget, especially Third ID troops just back from Iraq. "I'm glad for him to come on back and thank us for the job we did over there," sait SSgt Stephen Flanagan. "It's great to feel appreciated."

And Georgia's governor was in antecedence as well. "This is the commander-in-chief, the guy they salute," Sonny Perdue said. "For the President to say, soldiers well done...that's an awesome compliment."

Not all of the Third ID heard the President's words today. Missy Kendall's husband is still in Kuwait waiting to come home. Today their son got a kiss from the President and schmoozed with many of local politicians. It's a day he will get to share with Daddy overseas. "It helps me understand and see exactly what we're doing and for him to thank us, it shows us he cares about the families," Missy said.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,