Editorial feedback - 3/28/11

I like your 3-28-11 editorial. You seem to be on the right track.

In your 3-7-11 you wrote about intentionally-destructive policies. Nothing changed. On the contrary. The pace is quickening. His time is running out. Quick, let's get involved in Lybia, then, to boot let's supply those Muslim rebels. At 50 Million a day the downfall comes even quicker.

Ahmadinejad couldn't do a better job if he was in the White House. Why don't we just turn over the country to the terrorists ? The Saudis have more guts than us, they are on the offensive against Iran while Obama accepts a nuclear Iran. Why ? , because it is against Israel which, for the first time the U.S. is too. Why didn't we do anything in Egypt ?

Simple, the Muslim Brotherhood is quietly moving in. Just wait and see. In the last two years we went further into debt.

A mere five trillion Dollars. Did it help ? No. Will it keep on going ? Yes.

Look at your 2-21-11 editorial where you mention the credit card. Just re-read my reply.

You ask: Why does D.C. persist in pampering and purposely-shielding enemies with evil intent?

Simple, Mr. Cathcart, on purpose because it hurts the nation.

America, the beautiful, amber waves of grains, destroyed from the enemies within. What used to be a paradise built by hard work has become the leeching center of the world. Just cross the borders (of course, vote for .... me) and here is a check.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA