Frazier Returns to Politics

Frazier at a 1995 county commission meeting.
Frazier at a 1995 county commission meeting.

Former county commissioner Deanie Frazier is seeking the Fifth District seat on Savannah City Council. Police arrested Frazier on drug charges in the mid-'90s. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and left office. A lot of people are surprised by Frazier's return to the political arena, but the man she's trying to unseat is taking it all in stride.

"It's just another person that's vying for the office," said alderman Clifton Jones. "This a free country and we have free elections, so any citizen that lives in the district and qualifies for it can run for it."

Frazier served as a county commissioner for more than ten years before she was accused of money laundering and storing cocaine for drug dealer Michael Woodard. The charges could have put Frazier behind bars for 20 or 30 years, but she made a plea bargain and served only four months in jail. Now she's back taking a run at a man she beat in a 1992 election.

"I'll do my part to to retain the office," said Jones. "If the challenge gets ugly, I will not be participating in that type of thing. So I'll just run the race and hopefully at the end of it I'll still be the alderman."

We made several attempts to reach Frazier for comment but she could not be found. Her voice mail box is not accepting any messages.

Frazier was a very vocal commissioner and very popular among her constituents. If she had been convicted on the original charges, she would be a felon and not eligible to run for office, but she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and therefore did not lose her right to seek office.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,