Animal control says man who shot puppies never complained

BROOKLET, GA (WTOC) - Bulloch County Animal Control says the man who admits to killing two puppies never called them before shooting the puppies last Sunday, April 10.

Justin Davis says he killed the puppies because they were getting into his trash. He told WTOC on Wednesday that shooting the puppies was his option because Animal Control never responded. The Bulloch County Animal Control says they have no record of Davis calling.

Davis insists he did the right thing because there are too many strays.

"I would do it again without a doubt. Somebody has got to do something. And I'm not the only one by any means. Getting caught, if that's what it means, I guess that is just something we're going to have to face. Aint nobody out here is going to stop," said Davis.

There is still one puppy alive and living under a trailor next to Davis' home.

Davis was charged with animal cruelty, but released on a $3,000 bond.

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