Controversy continues over the sale of heirs property

BEAUFORT CO, SC (WTOC) - Family members living on heirs property on Hilton Head Island say a member of their family deceived them and sold the property to the town of Hilton Head Island, forcing more than 20 families off the land.

This week, one of the mobile homes was hauled away and another one is on it's way out.

Hilton Head Island town councilman Bill Ferguson brought the issue to the forefront when council members said he went on a tirade during their last meeting. Ferguson said he was upset over the town purchasing the heirs property that lead to the evictions.

It turns out Ferguson voted in favor of purchasing the property known as the Matthew and Teena Jones property. However, he said he didn't realize what he was voting for at the time.

"I didn't know the people who were selling the property. Matthew and Teena Jones, gosh, you're talking about 1909 and this family. I know the family very well. If I had known it was there and if I would have known they were being hoodwinked by their own family member and the town was participating in it, I would never done that," said Ferguson.

The town said there is no immediate plans for the property.

A judge has approved the sale of the property. Some are required to move by next month while others by the summer.

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