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Mayoral Debate at Savannah State University

Who will be the next mayor of Savannah? The election is still a couple of months away, but today, some of the candidates were put to the test. Savannah State students and members of the local media held a debate, letting candidates answer questions important to the community. Today's event not only helped residents, but students as well.

The event started out like a job fair, all the candidates with table displays in the lobby passing out information about themselves. In the ballroom, it got serious, the candidates taking questions from students and the media.

Candidates gave reasons why they feel most qualified for the job of mayor. The event was organized by the student government and several other student organizations. They feel it's important that young people get involved.

"An event like this is to expose the student body, expose my generation to the political process," said student Sharif Deveaux. "It's not just voting, but actually getting involved before the vote, voting and then staying active after the vote."

A capacity crowd turned out for the event, much to the delight of student organizers. "It's an unprecedented event, the first debate of this magnitude at Savannah State University," said Deveaux. "So I'm very impressed with the turnout of the community and the students."

Hopefully, more debates like this will take place before the November election, giving voters more information to help them decide who they want to be mayor. More than a dozen student organizations help put this event together.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,

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