Savannah Electric Crews to Help with Isabel Relief

WTOC is following Savannah Electric as the company makes plans to help out after Hurricane Isabel hits. While many people are fleeing the area where Isabel is expected to hit, Savannah Electric employees are heading toward it to make sure power is on when residents get back.

Last minute checks were being done today on part of the company's fleet as those trucks got ready to head north. At least ten trucks and 18 Savannah Electric employees are making the trip, and that's not all. "We've released the line contractors, which is about 36 people, and we've also released five tree contractors, about ten people," said company spokesman John Kraft.

These are people who all have experience dealing with storms. "Our guys of course are familiar with this type of line work, from the work we do here," said Kraft. "They've been to other storms, Hugo and Andrew."

Pictured here is one of Savannah Electric's storm trailers, which carry all sorts of car parts and a lot of tires. That's because there will be so much debris on the road they may need backup tires.

The trucks and crew are prepared to go wherever needed to help make sure when people come back to their homes the lights are on. "We're very proud of them when they do this sort of work," said Kraft. "It's hard work, dangerous work."

Some of Savannah Electric's crews have already left. Others are leaving in the morning, but they say they will have enough people left in case of any emergencies in our area.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,