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200,000 Ordered to Evacuate

Tens of thousands of people are getting out of Hurricane Isabel's way. Many of them are heading inland. Our Mike Manhatton is watching the evacuation and filed this report from one of the key evacuation routes, Interstate 64, between Richmond, Virginia, and the coast.

The word's spreading up and down the coast, Isabel is nothing to mess with. Eric Ray of Susan, Virginia, told us, "Where we live is right on the water, we're expecting a five to eight foot surge, we realize it's time to go."

Scottie Ray added, "Our back yard is already flooded, it's going to be bad."

Thousands of people are filling the main roads and highways out of coastal towns like Virginia Beach and Newport News and moving inland, mostly slowly. For many, the first stop is a rest area an hour up the interstate, before Richmond. It's not where the Rays planned to stop. "RV brakes gave out," explained Scottie. "Before that, the air conditioning stopped."

Luckily for the Rays and their family, help was a cell phone call away, and the fix was easy. They split up the family between the car and the RV and rolled back onto the interstate. Eric said they were "just going west, out of the way."

Reported by: Mike Manhatton, mmanhatton@wtoc.com


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