Isabel Heads Inland

On the street in Petersburg, Virginia.
On the street in Petersburg, Virginia.

A million people are without power in North Carolina and Virginia due to Hurricane Isabel. Our Mike Manhatton is watching the storm and filed this report from about 60 miles inland in Petersburg, Virginian near I-95.

The storm isn't stopping at the coast. In places like Petersburg, Virginia, Isabel is already causing trouble. People like Brooks Bozman aren't taking any chances. He has a shop full of delicate musical instruments in Old Town Petersburg, the historic district. Ten years, ago a tornado roared through the district, destroying almost everything. He's starting early and not taking any chances.

"I don't want to wait, want to take care before it hits, it's cheaper," Bozman said, while filling sandbags.

Shamyra Collins is protecting something even more precious, her grandmother. They're heading for the Red Cross shelter. "We don't know where the hurricane will be, we'd rather take precautions than get hurt," she said. They have to bring their own bedding, but at least there's medical help.

Along the James River, the rain's coming down, and the river's rising. Most folks but their boats on a hill. But Dan Pippin isn't like most folks. "I live here, this is home. I work here. I'll stay here as long as possible to keep an eye on things," he said aboard his boat. "People keep telling me to come to their house, but I'm going to stay as long as possible."

As of this evening, several load explosions were heard that officials say are electrical transformers failing due to fallen trees and limbs. Power has been going in and out at a Red Cross shelter set up in a Petersburg school. Some flooding has occurred and Isabel is expected to drop up to ten inches of rain.

Reported by: Mike Manhatton,