Perdue Speaks on Georgia Development

Gov. Sonny Perdue
Gov. Sonny Perdue

Plans for a DaimlerChrysler plant to be built on a site in Pooler are are still in the works, despite a delay on the final decision. "I'm going to be talking with the DaimlerChrysler people this next week and we're awaiting their decision," Gov. Sonny Perdue (R-GA) said

The governor is also talking about how the state is recruiting Boeing to build a plant here for its new 7E7 plane. "I don't know if they've defined a short list or not, but by the very attributes that Savannah brings to the table here, with the things that they told us earlier, I think we're on the short list a long time ago," the governor said.

So what is the draw to the Peach State? Just ask the Italian tire giant Pirelli, who is building its only North American headquarters in Rome, Georgia. "We're right in the middle of all the automotive assembly plants," said Guy Mannino of Pirelli North America. But being close to BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Nissan isn't the only reason Pirelli picked Georgia. There's the Atlanta airport, the able workforce and the port here in Savannah.

"We import raw materials and tires," said Mannino, "so it's very important to have a port nearby so we can import those raw materials and tires and have the port close to the warehouses and production facilities."

And the governor and other developers hope other corporations see in Georgia just what Pirelli does. The governor says he hopes to hear favorable news from both DaimlerChrysler and Boeing in the very near future.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,