The American Red Cross Honors Third ID Families

Most of the Third Infantry Division soldiers are now back after serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While many were deployed to the front lines, others stayed behind to make sure operations kept running at home. Now the American Red Cross is making sure the rear detachment unit's work is not going un-noticed. They held a luncheon at Carey Hilliard's on Saturday to show their appreciation. "We are pleased to be able to do this, its an honor for us to provide this service to the military," said Red Cross Official, Dick Sanders.

The Third ID's rear detachment unit held down the fort at Hunter Army Airfield, while the rest of their group was deployed into Iraq. Soldiers said it was a simple reward, for a job well done. " We work hard, and a lot of times we go unnoticed....unrecognized.Its good that they are giving back," said Staff Sergeant Timothy Smith.

For many of these soldiers, it wasn't just the food, but the thought that counted. "For the Red Cross to at least say 'hey, you're doing a great job' is very much appreciated and admired by me," said Specialist Marion Green.

About two hundred people showed up for the event.This is the sixth luncheon the American Red Cross has hosted for our local military families.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti;