Tech helps emergency vehicles through traffic

(Source: city of Savannah)
(Source: city of Savannah)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - New technology - showed off in Savannah on Tuesday - will make it easier and safer for emergency vehicles to get around those busy streets. The expanded installation included 147 emergency vehicles and at 80 signalized intersections along major corridors such as Bay Street.

A ceremony on Tuesday marked the completion.

It's called an emergency pre-emption system - but how does it work?

"It's a GPS system which basically allows fire equipment, police department, ambulances to traverse these very congested corridors in a very safe manner, by allowing green signals to be pre-empted as they go through these intersections," said traffic engineer director Michael Weiner.

The technology was originally installed at seven signalized intersections along DeRenne Avenue and in 41ambulances in 2007. The recent expansion provided for installations at an additional 73 intersections along major corridors throughout the city and in 147 emergency vehicles.

The expansion was funded through a $2.2 million federal Economic Stimulus Grant awarded to the city in 2010, according to the city of Savannah.

Ambulances in Beaufort County have recently been installed with the units to allow faster and safer transport to Savannah's hospitals.

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