Rock 'n' Roll Marathon course unveiled

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah found out Tuesday where athletes from around the world will be rocking through the city's streets.

Before the final Rock 'n' Roll Marathon course was announced, Savannah Neighborhood Associations were informed that the marathon will be will running through their streets on November 5th. One of those neighborhoods is historic Gordonston.

Residents said it's a chance for them to show their southern hospitality and showcase our city.

"We are excited the event is coming in town and we can sit in our front yard and watching it come through this beautiful neighborhood," said Carey Ferrara of Gordonston.

"We are highlighting the city of Savannah and their neighborhoods to 15,000 runners from around the country and the world and we hope they show the southern hospitality Savannah is known for," said Event Director Malain McCormick.

The course was officially announced during a kickoff party Tuesday night at Fleet Feet on Waters Avenue. Below is the official course. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011
7:30 a.m. Start Time 
Course Turn by Turn Directions 

0 miles  Starting line at Bay and Bull Street, heading west on Bay Street (whole road)

Both distances begin together in wave starts, taking approx. 30 minutes

1.8        Left on Jenks Street, whole road

2.0        Left on Augusta Ave., whole road

2.9        Right on E. Lathrop Ave., whole road

3.0        Right on Louisville Road, whole road

4.1        Left on Telfair Road, whole road

4.3        Left on W. Gwinnett Street, whole road

7.1        Left on Montgomery Street, whole road

7.4        Right on Charlton Street, whole road

7.45      Left on Tattnall Street, whole road

7.6        Right on W. Liberty, eastbound lanes only

8.2        Right on Price Street, whole road

9.1        Left on E. Henry Street, whole road

10.6      Left on Atikinson Avenue circle, whole road

10.65    Left on Atkinson Avenue southbound, whole road

10.75    Turn around to the right and go south on Atkinson Avenue northbound, whole road

11.0      Left on Atkinson Avenue circle, whole road

11.1      Left on E. Anderson Street, whole road

Marathon Only; See Below for Half Marathon

11.3      Left turn at northbound Truman Parkway exit to E. Anderson Street, running southbound

In northbound Lanes, whole road

12.2      Make 180-degree turn to the left to exit Truman Parkway at northbound Victory Drive exit

12.5      Left turn on E. Victory Drive, running in southern-most eastbound lane

12.8      Left turn on Limerick Street, whole road

13.0      Right turn on Galway Street, whole road

13.1      Left turn on Dixie Ave, whole road

13.2      Right turn on Kerry Street, whole road

13.4      Right turn on Bee Road, whole road

13.45    Left turn to enter Daffin Park via southern parking lot entrance

13.65    Follow interior park road around the north side of Grayson Stadium to Daffin Park Road

to west side of park, whole road

14.1      Turn around to the left at west side of round circle on Daffin Park Road, whole road

14,4      Run east on Daffin Park Road, turn right to go south to go around Grayson Stadium to

exit Park, whole road

14.6      Exit Park by briefly crossing Washington Avenue to head south on Bee Road, whole road

14.8      Right on E. 52nd Street, whole road

15.6      Right on Ward Street

15.8      Left on Lathrop Avenue, whole road

17.8      Left on Nottingham Drive, whole road

18.4      Nottingham Drive changes to Beaumont Drive, whole road

18.5      Right on Howard Foss Drive, whole road

18.8      Left on Countryside Drive, whole road

19.1      Right on Skidaway Road, whole road

19.7      Left on Bona Bella Ave., whole road

19.9      Right on Morgan Street, whole road

20.5      Left on E. Derenne Avenue, running east in southern-most eastbound lane.

21.0      Left to enter Truman Parkway via the southbound Derenne Avenue entrance ramp.

21.2      U-turn to the left on Truman Parkway to run northbound in the southbound lanes.

24.5      Exit southbound Truman Parkway on E. Anderson Street onramp

24.6      Turn left on E. Anderson Street, staying to left (half marathon in right lane), whole road

26.0      Right on Drayton Street, stay in left lane (half-marathon on right), whole road

26.2      Finish at Drayton and Park Avenue, whole road

Half Marathon

11.4      Merge to northern-most lane of E. Anderson Street underneath Truman Parkway;

Marathon enters road from left at E. Anderson onramp to southbound Truman Parkway

11.7      Stay in right lane on E. Anderson Street; marathon in left lane

12.9      Right on Drayton Street, stay in left lane (half-marathon on right), whole road

13.1      Finish at Drayton and Park Avenue, whole road

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