Tonight at 6 p.m.: Teen Suicide Hidden Pain Tragic Action

The thought of a loved one taking their own life is hard for many to grip their hands around.

When it is a young person, understanding it is almost impossible. The issue is part of a three-part series starting Wednesday at 6 p.m. on THE News.

WTOC's Don Logana has a special report: Teen Suicide Hidden Pain Tragic Action.

Suicide is not easy to deal with. It's almost taboo for some families to talk about.

The reality is suicide is the third highest cause of death in teenagers.

Right now, the Richmond Hill community and many others are talking about it.

Three weeks ago, Sydney Sanders, 14, did what no parent expects. She killed herself. She was the homecoming queen and softball standout.

To hear the words, her closest friends use to describe her, illustrates how secret that pain -- and desperation -- can be.

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