Editorial feedback - 4/18/11

Thank you Mr. Cathcart for your wonderful 4-18-11 editorial. You hit the nail right on the head.

If, as you quote: "spending beyond our means" is the culprit, then who, are these people that are screaming and fainting when the president speaks, lies and discredits?

Deception, Deception, Deception. You tell the people what they want to hear (just like Hitler), then, behind closed doors you laugh at them.

The great, great uneducated, dumbed down masses will never know. Goebbels said after his famous Sportpalast speech in 1943: "These fools would've jumped off the balcony if I would have asked them." Once again I tell you that the destruction of the U.S. is at the door, oh look, man made, on purpose.

More lying, more printing, more spending, more inflation, more destruction of the Dollar. Whatever is anti-American, pro Muslim that will be the policy.

Yes, yes, now they are Christians, all of a sudden, just in time for the election. But what about the last couple of years? The father of lies is alive and well.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA