CMS Students Disappointed by DaimlerChrysler Decision

Savannah Tech's industrial mechanical lab.
Savannah Tech's industrial mechanical lab.

State officials have been waiting for a decision from DaimlerChrysler for months. Many were so confident about the automaker coming to town that enrollment went up for certified manufacturing specialist (CMS) classes at Savannah Tech, a requirement to get hired at DaimlerChrysler. Many are disappointed about DaimlerChrysler not coming to Pooler, especially Savannah Tech students that actually completed 150 hours of work to be certified for a job that they can no longer apply for.

Savannah Tech officials were hoping their industrial mechanical lab would be filled with students next quarter, but with the announcement of DaimlerChrysler not coming, they don't expect as many students to utilize the expensive, state-of-the-art lab.

"I went into computer networking with the idea of going into DaimlerChrysler, so now I have to be looking elsewhere," student Debbie Motes said. "I think it's a letdown. Everyone in Savannah thought they were coming here. Everyone jumped the gun."

Many students like Motes will now have to look elsewhere. The demand of certified manufacturing classes was so great with just talks of DaimlerChrysler coming to town that the technical school had to add summer courses. "The jobs Daimler were bringing to the area were top quality jobs," noted the school's executive VP, Dr. Reginald Hendricks. "People were interested in getting into that pipeline into Daimler."

Now that pipeline may be a pipe dream for the hundreds of students who graduated the manufacturing program. "They will probably be upset that Daimler is not coming, but will they be upset they took the course? I don't believe so," Dr. Reginald said.

Hendrix adds, despite DaimlerChrysler not coming to town, the CMS courses will still help students get other jobs in the manufacturing field.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,