It's the talk of the town, literally... The "Bennifer" sightings... Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez. But if you're not getting your fill, where do you go for gossip? I found a few sites, most change every few hours, proof of how fleeting fame is.

Start with one I found interesting, Gossip City. It's actually a collection links broken down into different categories, from hot topics to Hollywood, politics to just plain strange. It's a good place to start your search. Two warnings here. There's a lot of material and you could spend hours just clicking around, and some of the material isn't family friendly, so supervise your kids.

E, the cable TV network has it's own gossip site, with the usual stories you'd expect. as well as fashion police and message boards. There are several Bennifer topics, including star sightings around Savannah, and the usual obscene, nasty screaming most message boards disintegrate into.

If you're looking for traditional gossip sources, Gossip Central is a good place to start, with some of the same links, but still an extensive list of newspaper gossip columns.

While it's a little off topic, The Newzroom is another good spot to turn for a collection of newsy links, also grouped by the subject matter they cover.

If gossip is a guilty pleasure for you, check out the Social Issues Research Center's very thoughtful work on why we gossip. They actually think gossip is good, it keeps us connected to the people around us and gives us a common ground. They credit the cell phone as one of the great connectors, forging a new, global neighborhood of, what else, gossip.