Candidate Profile: Pete Liakakis

Pete Liakakis
Pete Liakakis

The race for mayor is heating up and the field is crowded. WTOC wants to keep you informed on who's who in the race with a series of reports profiling each candidate. We drew names out of a hat and each week we'll bring you a different candidate.

This week, it's Pete Liakakis, a Savannah businessman who was elected alderman-at-large in 1995 and reelected in 1999. He is currently the vice chairman of city council. Liakakis is a lifelong Savannahian who has been involved in community service for most of his adult life.

He believes that under his leadership, Savannah will continue to prosper. He plans to work for economic development, "so that we can have better-paying jobs for all our citizens."

Liakakis has been president of United Detective since 1962. He is a member of several law enforcement organizations, and fighting crime is on the top of his list. He says education is the key to lowering the crime rate, because most violent street crimes are committed by people without an education or job skills.

"We are really lacking in our education area because 40 percent of the students that drop out of school commit crime," he said. "So I'd like to see programs installed in the school system, so that we can retain those students and they won't be dropping out, especially those that commit crime in our community."

Our schedule for the remaining five candidates, picked at random, is as follows:

Sept. 30: Virginia Mobley
Oct. 7: Frank Rossiter
Oct. 14: Otis Johnson
Oct. 21: Coleen Williams
Oct. 28: Dicky Mopper

Reported by: Ron Wallace,