Carter on Pooler Mega Site

DaimlerChrysler's decision not to build in Chatham County is disappointing for many, but some are already looking toward the future. WTOC spoke with Pooler mayor Buddy Carter about the decision, and he seemed disappointed, yet very optimistic. "Any time you're talking about about jobs paying 22, 23 dollars per hour, it generates a lot of excitement," he said. "So to get news it's postponed indefinitely is disappointing."

At the same time, Mayor Carter is optimistic about the market for the 250-acre mega site. "There are other companies out there that pay good wages and other companies that need a good site," he noted. He feels the site pretty much sells itself. "When you have access to an interstate, access to a seaport, airport, rail systems, it makes it one of our best sites on the Eastern Seaboard."

In the meantime, work on the mega site will continue and should be ready to be built on in just a few months. Carter told us, "We've already got some companies that have expressed interest in the site."

And as far as Mayor Carter is concerned, he feels the Coastal Empire has already benefited. "The real victory for us was when the site was chosen as a mega site by the state," he said.

When the next company makes a move on the land, Carter feels there's really only one thing that needs to be done differently. "Before we have an announcement, I hope we have a signature on the dotted line," he said.

Mayor Carter has a strong feeling that the mega site, formerly set aside for DaimlerChrysler, won't be on the market long.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,