Pooler Mega Site "Very Sellable"

Work continues at the 1,600-acre site.
Work continues at the 1,600-acre site.

Chatham County has spent more than a year clearing the way for DaimlerChrysler and construction crews are still working on the mega site, the 1,600 acres in Pooler in the northeast quadrant of the interchange of I-95 and I-16. The question is, once they're done, how long will it stay on the market?

With property like this, located in one of the most accessible areas, brokers are saying it's a gold mine and it's sure to catch someone's attention."It's the ultimate piece of real estate and it's 100 percent location," said commercial land broker Rhett Mouchet. "Very few cities and areas have a site that's got all the amenities that the DaimlerChrysler site has."

Things that were put in place specifically for DaimlerChrysler will be used as selling points to other companies. And Mouchet noted, "It's very unique in that it has two railroads that service the site, it's very close to the Savannah ports, which is the fastest growing port in the country, and it's also located on two interstates, I-16 and I-95, so I like say it's very sellable."

If one major corporation doesn't seize the opportunity, multiple businesses can. But experts say making the land for multiple use should be a last resort. "If I had any say, it would be to keep the site intact for as long as possible until we've exhausted all possibilities of one major user coming in," advised Mouchet.

Until then, work will continue on this site until it's ready. It's been said that other corporations have been looking at this site, but there is still no word on which they are.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com