Retired special forces officer reacts to bin Laden raid

Clayton Scott, right
Clayton Scott, right

Someone whose background in special ops gave provided unique insight on the Osama bin Laden operation.

Clayton Scott, executive director of the Chatham Emergency Management Agency and a retired Army Special Forces officer, is familiar with such high-level and secretive operations.

Scott watched a simulation of the raid on bin Laden's compound. He told WTOC that its success was the product of preparation, planning and having the right people for the job -- the Navy Seals elite Team Six.

"I'm going to make a wild assumption, these guys are so much better qualified than I ever was and most of the people I know that when they did this, they probably weren't under a lot of pressure. They were probably so well-trained that this is just go for it," Scott said.

The part of the operation that might have impressed scot the most?  Was the Navy Seals knowing their every move was being monitored in real-time by the president in Washington D.C.

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