Mother of Missing Woman Joins the Search

Ardena Carter
Ardena Carter

Two weeks ago tonight, a pregnant college coed left her apartment to study at the library and hasn't been seen since. Dena Carter's friends from Georgia Southern University and church spent part of the day giving out flyers to get her picture in front of everyone.

Her mother, Diane Crooms, flew across the country to be here as police search. She's handling it about as well as any parent could under the circumstances, and she's afraid to imagine what has happened. She found comfort in the arms of her daughter's adopted family.

Far from family in California, Ardena Carter had found a home at the Agape Worship Center. Her seat on the fourth row has been empty since she disappeared.

"When I come in in the morning, the phone starts ringing with people asking if we've heard anything from her,"  said church secretary Barbara Mosely.

"Dena, we want you home, we love you," Crooms said. "Your church members love you."

She thought her first visit to Statesboro would be later this year when Dena gave birth to her first child. Now Crooms is here with her daughter's church family to join the search.

Friends are trying to get out the word. Dena's friend Brandie Washington told us they're "passing out flyers, sending bulk emails to anyone that might have known her or know about her, that she is definitely missing."

Crooms doesn't think her daughter would disappear on her own. But even in her daughter's adopted home, all she can do is pray for her return. "Whatever's gone on, we can handle it together, just come home please," she said.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,