InSITE--Staying Safe on an ATV

They're staples of fall fun for a lot of families, especially out in the country. But as we saw last weekend, A-T-V's... All Terrain Vehicles can be dangerous. If there's a four- wheeler in your family, pull over long enough to check out ATVSafety. The ATV industry sponsors the site, but that's okay. The goal is getting riders and their parents to think as they ride. Start with some links on rider training, some questions and answers about courses offered in riding, even a graphic of the typical training track, with checkpoints and hazards they'll teach you to handle. Plus some pretty neat pop up diagrams covering the basics of the machines, very good, thorough checklists for parents with the right things to think about before they let the kids climb on to drive. There are even some suggestions about what to wear while riding to keep it together, literally, while you ride an ATV.