Bulloch Co. group helps storm torn northern Ga.

Tornadoes killed two people and destroyed property last week in Spalding County.

More than 50 volunteers from Bulloch and surrounding counties hit the ground in Spalding County to lend a hand.

Since they arrived early Friday morning, they have already made a big impact.

Heavy equipment moved the tornado-damaged trees like they were toys. Volunteers had bulldozers, backhoes, and bobcats running minutes after they arrived in Griffin. Members of the Congregational Holiness Church were thankful for the group that had come from southern Georgia to help.

"My first thought was thank you Jesus," said Darrell Anderson, a church member. "It's pretty emotional when everything you've known all your life is in a few seconds gone. Volunteer crews spent the afternoon clearing fallen trees, as well as destroyed concrete cabins on the church's campground."

Volunteer David Ball said there's a lot of destruction.

"I don't know that I've ever seen anything like this," he said. "I've seen pictures of it, but not in person."

They'll also work around homes and neighborhoods to help.

"It's just incredible that there's so many people in Bulloch County that would give their time and come all the way here," said Spalding County Commissioner Eddie Freeman.

For Matt Wood, who organized the trip, and his father, Ellis, organizing this kind of helping hand has become a tradition.

"This could have been my house or yours just as easily, and we feel bad for these folks and we're thankful they didn't have any more fatalities than they had," said Matt Wood. "They've got a big mess and we like to help. They know they can't get everything accomplished, but with heart and horsepower combined, they can make a difference."

From here, they'll extend out to some of the neighborhoods where the damage was most severe. They'll work a little while longer tonight, work all day Saturday, and wrap up by mid-day Sunday to head home.

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