Chatham County Union Vote Delayed

Chatham County workers who want to join a union will have to wait two more weeks before commissioners vote on the issue. County commissioners had promised to take up the issue at today's meeting, but since chairman Billy Hair was not there, they decided to wait until he returns. The commission also wants to look at legal issues that have come up.

Union representatives say this is just a way for the county to delay the vote and that the county is now following in the city's footsteps. "In our opinion the county is duplicating the process the city did," said union spokesman Rev. Leonard Small. "It's a process of procrastination, we do not believe they are right on some of the legal facts, we will ascertain that information and get the facts and bring our attorney in tow."

They'll bring the topic back up at the next county commission meeting on October 10.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,