Red Light Camera Online, No Tickets Yet

Within the next few weeks, running the red light at Abercorn and White Bluff could cost you. The cameras that were installed this summer are already taking pictures of cars that run the light, but there's a delay in issuing tickets. "Red Flex is in the process of working out some kinks with the communications between the cameras and their system," explained Lt. Jimmy Stevens of the Savannah Police Department. "As soon as all that's worked out, we're going to be online with them."

During the current testing phase, some motorists have gotten courtesy warning tickets. They show you the picture of your car with a close-up of your license plate and the exact time of the violation. This makes it very difficult to dispute the charge.

Although police admit that it won't take long for the system to pay for itself, making money is not what they're trying to do. They just want people to heed the warning and save lives. "This particular intersection is the worst intersection in the City of Savannah for red light violators," said Stevens.

Since its not possible to identify drivers from these pictures, it's your car that will be getting the ticket. So the owner of the car will be responsible for the $70 fine, regardless of who was driving. Officials tell us they will start sending out the real tickets in mid to late October.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,