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Candidate Profile: Virginia Mobley

Virginia Mobley Virginia Mobley

It's time to really start thinking about who you would like to see as Savannah's next mayor. WTOC wants to keep you informed on who's who in the race. Each tuesday we'll profile one of the six candidates. We randomly drew the order, and today we spoke with Virginia Mobley.

She says she is really interested in keeping the city she loves in good spirits and ready for the future and she wants everyone to help.

And she lives in the same house she was born in. While that provides plenty to talk about, today it's business, and we're not talking about her family's graphic design business, but what her goals are if she is elected mayor.

"I want to see a government that is proactive, not reactive," she said.

She has wanted to run for mayor since 1999, but just when it was time for qualifying, Hurricane Floyd hit. Since she is a volunteer for the Red Cross, she couldn't make the deadline, so she fought to have a state law changed "that made a mandatory extension on qualifying in case of a disaster."

Now that she's official, she's looking toward keeping her hometown very special, focusing on transportation and traffic issues, infrastructure and land use. "I would like to know that that I have left a process of improvement starting," she said.

And that includes bringing crime down, which Mobley says could never happen immediately, but over time with many groups involved. "We've got to bring the board of education, the juvenile justice system, the jail system and say, 'Look, what problems do you have that contribute to an unsafe community?'" she said.

As her campaign signs read, she wants people to imagine a city they want to live in and she wants to be the woman to make that happen.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,

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