Editorial feedback - 5/9/11

Every political administration since 1970 has campainged on "reducing our dependance on foreign oil".  However, we currently slurp up over 20 million barrels of oil daily of which 70% is imported.
A ride down I-95 demonstrates that Americans do not really give a damn and are basically greedy-selfish SOB's.

We could once again reduce the speed limit to 55 mph which would reduce gas demand by some 20% IMMEDIATELY.  This would also save lives and improve the national balance of trade . . .NO NEGATIVES WHATSOEVER TO THAT MOVE!!!!   Closing all drive through windows would reduce gas consumption yet another 5% and reduce air pollution in metro areas.  What not address these proposals instead of preaching we can drill our way out??

Dr. Thomas Singletary
Statesboro, Ga.

Well, let me reply to your 5-9-11 editorial the same way I replied to your 4-18-11 editorial:
"Once again I tell you that the destruction of the U.S. is at the door, oh look, man made, on purpose.
More lying, more printing, more spending, more inflation, more destruction of the Dollar.
Whatever is anti-American, pro Muslim that will be the policy."
See, nothing changed. Do WE pump more oil than before the BP crisis. See above.
If we would it would benefit this country. Can't have that. Check the facts out yourself.
We even finance the Lybia war, so far at 800 million. Why ? See above.
Then we gave Brazil 2 billion Dollars to pump in the Gulf of Mexico. Why ? See above
Well, just as you wrote in your 5-9-11 editorial:
If Americans get hurt along the way, too bad

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.