Volunteers rescue animals from closed Long Co. shelter

LONG CO., GA (WTOC) - There are questions with few answers for animal caretakers who came to the aid of a Long County rescue shelter.

They took in the animals Sunday, when the shelter suddenly closed and then made a disturbing discovery on the property the next day - beer bottles and bones littered the woods around Loonie Farms.

Kim Harkenson and others lost count of the grizzly scenes they said they found of animal remains in carriers and worse.

"I walked up to a wheelbarrow with a plastic cover on it and I pulled it off and it was full of animal bones. There had to be 20 to 30 sets of bones," said Hankerson, an animal volunteer.

She's one of several rescue operators who answered the weekend call from the woman who ran an animal rescue there.

"I got the call that said, 'I need you to come now. I'm closing up today. You can have all of it, the kennels, everything here. I'm not coming back,'" she said.

Christiane Judd left to return home to Germany after her husband's arrest for parole violations.

Long County Sheriff's investigators told WTOC that they arrested her husband, James Judd, on possession of stolen property charges and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The rescuers say if they'd walked into those woods, they would have found something much more disturbing.

Jean Ann Lingle volunteers with another rescue and came to save days-old kittens.

"I know a lot of rescues can get in over their heads when they start. But there's been help offered here," Lingle said.

They'll focus their efforts on the animals they found before it was too late.

WTOC has spoken with the Long County Sheriff's Office who say they are still investigating the stolen property case involving James Judd and are also looking into the animal deaths.

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