Embedded Photographers Show War Pictures

We saw the war in Iraq like we've never seen war before, thanks to journalists actually with the troops on the front lines. Now, two still photographers, who were embedded with US troops, are getting the opportunity to share their stories. The Savannah College of Art and Design presents "Bryant and Carrington: Battlefield," an exhibit of photographs that shadows SCAD alumni Russ Bryant and John Carrington through the beginning of the war with Iraq.

"It was a really neat experience," said Carrington, a photographer with the Savannah Morning News. "I'm glad I got the chance to take it." And now he's glad he's getting the chance to share his photo journal with anyone who wants to see it.

He was embedded with Sgt. First Class Carl Lockhart and the Third ID's Third Forward Support Brigade. "If they were getting shot at, we were getting shot at," he said. "So whatever danger they were in, we were in. It created a unique bond."

And it all got photographed. Sgt. First Class Lockhart saw some of these pictures for the first time last night. "Kind of hard, some of them, because of injuries you see," he said. "Some of the accidents. Some photos bring back memories of when we got attacked on like three occasions."

Russ Bryant, a freelance photographer, was embedded with Marines out of Camp Lejune. Both men feel being embedded journalists helped them capture more precise pictures, painting an accurate story. "It's important to me as a photographer that they respect the work that I've come back with an that I do them justice as far as their mission over there," Bryant said.

And now they're glad they're getting to show off their wartime work at their alma mater. The exhibit is being held at the Ex Libris bookstore, 228 Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard. It runs now through November 7, open during store hours and free to the public.

Reported by: Holly Bristow, hbristow@wtoc.com