InSITE--Survivor Plunder on the 'Web!

"Survivor" is again heating up the airways, and the World Wide Web! The "Survivor" web site is up, and different every time you click. This time the wanna- be Survivors are on some small islands off the Panamanian coast. They're divided into two teams, named after legendary pirates. That ought to be a clue for the kind of cutthroat competition ahead. Start with the little videos recapping the action to get a taste of island life. Then move on to the Survivors themselves. It's an easy to navigate list of thumbnails, roll over the picture, see a few facts.

Click further and you'll get more info about the person, a chance to hear them talk about themselves. There's a surprise, eh? And even a look at the audition tapes that helped land them on the island.

Once you've given them the once-over, you can hold your own little tribal council and rate them in the polls. You can also vote for the most likely to get kicked off the island next. It seems a little unfair, but who ever said "Survivor" was fair? If you're truly hooked on "Survivor" you can sign up for email alerts about the site and the show. They're free, just fill out the form.

Click back to the Survivor homepage and note the other links, more information about the islands, buy "Survivor" stuff, and chat with other fanatics about who's doing what to win.