Lyman Hall students thank 3rd ID

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - Hundreds of students packed the gym at Lyman Hall elementary to thank their 3rd ID support unit that has given so much of themselves to their school throughout the year.

"They have been selfless giving up their time to help you boys and girls," said Principal Claire Blanchard to the students.

"They come into our school and help with monitoring the children, field day, career day, you name it," said Parent Involvement Coordinator Lavonia LeCounte. "They are here for all of our events, even our afternoon events. They have been so supportive with everything we do, so we wanted to give back to them today, to show them how much we really do appreciate them being in our school and students lives."

Several of the students took a moment to personally thank the soldiers for their service not only to our country, but especially to their school.

"Thanks for doing all of those things with us," said an elementary student.

"A lot of the students have parents that are in the military, but I mean I think the school helps a lot, understand what we do, especially when we did the freedom walk, so they definitely do understand what our job is," said Staff Sgt. Joshua Flowers.

That has inspired these students to do more.

"They have motivated these kids," said LeCounte.

The soldiers say it's the students that have changed their lives.

"It's definitely a rewarding thing when we come here," Flowers said. "Students come up and ask for our signatures. They want to take pictures with us. It gives you inner warmness."

It's the memories and relationships the students have made with the soldiers, that makes them so appreciative of their service each and every week.

"We look forward to seeing them next year and glad they came this year," said fourth-grader Heather Beers.

The soldiers with the 3rd ID support unit, 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry plan on volunteering in the school again next year.

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